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2014 warmest year in Europe2014 warmest year on record in Europe2015: joint warmest year on record in Europe
ADAGUCPortalAnnual Mean Temperature
Annual Mean Temperature errorAnnual Mean TemperaturesAnnual mean minimum and maximum temperature
CIBsCII 2014Central European flooding 2013
Chrysanthou et al., 2014Cold and Warm ExtremesCompare E-OBS v11.0 and v10.0
Compare E-OBS v12.0 and v11.0Compare E-OBS v13.0 and v12.0Compare E-OBS v14.0 and v13.1
Compare E-OBS v15.0 and v14.0Compare E-OBS v16.0 and v15.0Compare E-OBS v17.0 and v16.0
Definition Heating Degree DaysDefinition Number of Tropical NightsEuropean Drought in November 2011
European TemperatureEuropean climate in 2016Haylock
Installation ManualLatest month temperature anomaliesMain Page
Mean minimum and maximum temperature anomalyMonthly mean temperature anomalyRanking list
TG10p-TG90p European average.pngVan der Schrier et al., 2012Van der Schrier et al., 2013
Yearly Mean Temperature Anomaly